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Bases of the coeducational micro-stories contest  






2.-  Participants :  They will be able to participate  all THE STUDENTS OF ESO, HIGH SCHOOL AND CYCLES that want it,  OF PUBLIC CENTERS AND  CONCERTED DEPENDENTS OF THE DELEGATION OF EDUCATION OF  MALAGA. Only one work can be submitted per participant. Participation in the contest will be free and implies acceptance of these rules. Failure to  any of the bases will lead to the exclusion of the user of this  competition. The data will be checked at  end the contest being invalidated those that are verified to be incorrect or  that are not authentic.

3.-  Format : The works will have  a  maximum extension  from  15 lines  (without  count the title, which will have to appear in the presented text), written in  Castilian, in  Arial font size 12  (Word format). It will only be admitted  one work per participant.

We ask that at the time of  fill in the  form  with your data do it  carry the appropriate accentuation marks and are written correctly,  orthographically in a very clear way, it is  that is to say, that the names of the participants begin in capital letters.

4.-  Form of presentation : Sending  1) the  story in PDF file together with 2) the form  that  The interested parties will find at the end of the bases of this contest, the following address of  mail:  , indicating in  subject: GEMA OTERO CONTEST plus the  Name of the participating student.


5.- It will be excluded  any work that has been awarded in another contest or contest. Nor will those stories that focus solely and exclusively on physical violence or justify it with factors such as, for example, the abuser's alcoholism or do not correctly identify what we understand as gender violence will be accepted.

6.- Submission deadline : papers can be sent from FEBRUARY 1 to 22, 2021 to the email address indicated above.

7.- The jury  It will be made up of specialists in equality and gender and literature linked to THE GENDER EQUALITY EDUCATIONAL PROJECT THROUGH THE IMAGE. The winners will be announced publicly (on MARCH 8, 2021 on the web and privately (all selected people will receive an e-mail and phone call with the appropriate information, so please check your Spam folder / spam to make sure of this) also informing the board of the educational center to which the participating student belongs.


INFORMATIVE NOTE : Since some of our participants may receive the emails of the results of the contests in their spam / junk mail, we recommend that you write down the date of the contest failure - March 8, 2021 - in your agenda, mobile phone, calendar ... so that you can check the results on our website or through the informative emails that we will send (CHECKING THE INBOX AND THE SPAM / UNWANTED MAIL TRAY


8.- The jury's decision will be final.


9.- Awards: the selected micro-stories will be published on THE GENDER EQUALITY EDUCATIONAL PROJECT WEBSITE THROUGH THE IMAGE AND ON ITS EQUALITY FACEBOOK. The first author of the winning short story will receive a check for an economic value of 200 euros, the second selected will receive it for 150 euros and the third for 100 euros.

In addition, all of them will receive an honorable mention from the GENDER EQUALITY EDUCATIONAL PROJECT, FDAPA and the PROVINCIAL DELEGATION OF EDUCATION, CULTURE AND SPORTS OF MALAGA. The rest of the selected stories will become part of an anthology that will also be published on the web.

The awards ceremony will take place from March 12, 2021 at 12.00 in the morning, being  the Educational and FDAPA Personalities present, plus the members of the Jury, those in charge of delivering them. The venue will be in the capital Malaga, with the assembly hall in which this act will take place to be determined.

10.-The participants are responsible for compliance with current legal provisions on intellectual property and the right to their own image , declaring, responsibly that the dissemination or reproduction of the work within the framework of this contest will not injure or harm any right of the participant or third parties.


In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that the personal data provided will be processed for the purpose of participating in the contest, as well as informing, by email or ordinary, of future activities organized by THE GENDER EQUALITY EDUCATIONAL PROJECT THROUGH THE IMAGE, unless otherwise indicated when requesting participation. However, THE GENDER EQUALITY EDUCATIONAL PROJECT THROUGH IMAGE will always be able to make public the works presented, indicating the name of their author.

Participants may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition recognized by the LOPD by communicating it in writing to the address of the Gender Equality Educational Project, IES Eduardo Janeiro, calle Los enebros, s / n, 29640, Fuengirola (Málaga) and attaching in your request, a copy of your ID or other suitable identity document, and indicating "Data protection" or through the email


12.-The interpretation of these bases and the solution to the doubts that their application could raise will correspond to the Jury appointed by THE GENDER EQUALITY EDUCATIONAL PROJECT THROUGH THE IMAGE of the Eduardo Janeiro de Fuengirola IES.

13.-Acceptance of the rules : Participation in the Contest implies full acceptance.

In Fuengirola, January 8, 2021


Mercedes Sánchez Vico,

Coordinator of the Educational Project for Gender Equality.

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