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​International day against gender violence


November 25  

"International Day Against Violence Against Women"

- Institutional act
Due to the protocol that must be adopted in the center due to COVID 19, an institutional act will not be able to be held but a series of actions will be established to  the participation of the entire educational community. Will still be saved  a minute of silence in the hour before  to recess for all the victims of this social scourge. Will be drawn up  a manifesto against sexist violence made by the 4th ESO students of the Gender Equality Project, another by the teachers and another by the  AMPA, which will be uploaded to the centre's website.

- Slogan against gender violence in each of the centre's courses, condemning this type of violence. They will be displayed at the entrance of the center in order to  that can be read by the entire educational community. This activity involves all students and will be carried out with the collaboration of the Equality Plan,  Guidance Department, DACE and the teaching staff.  

- 1st,  2nd  and 3rd  ESO will elaborate  cardboard, posters against violence  gender  with the motto:  "Denounce violence against women: CHANGE THE WORLD", which will be exhibited in their corresponding classrooms. In collaboration with the Equality Plan, the Department of Guidance and teachers of Social and Gender Changes of 2nd and 3rd of  THAT.

Exhibition of advertising posters  LIVING WITHOUT VIOLENCE IS A RIGHT  addressed to all  courses of the Center against gender violence carried out by students of the Gender Equality Project of 4th grade  ESO, coordinated by Mrs. Mercedes Sánchez. This exhibition will be exhibited at the entrance of the center.

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