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Coeducational Projects Course 2021/22

The Educational Project of Gender Equality of our Center enters  in operation in this  2020/21 school year.  


During this school year it will be taught through:  

1) The subject of  Social and Gender Changes in 2nd and  3rd ESO.


2) The  Tutorial Action Plan with a Gender perspective.


3) The application of  POI.


4) The call for  the  development of measures and actions aimed at the prevention of gender violence  in public educational centers  subsidized with  public funds from the State Pact against gender violence.

5) The implementation of the Coeducational Project presented jointly by Professor Mercedes Sánchez Vico and the center's AMPA to the Junta de Andalucía.

6) The self-created subject  Educational Project on Gender Equality through Image  for 4th ESO.

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