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Recognitions and awards

- WOMEN IN EQUALITY AWARD 2012 FUENGIROLA . granted by the Association of Women in  Equality of Fuengirola in October 2012. Link to the news .

- WOMEN WITHOUT DIFFERENCE AWARD 2013, YOUTH AND EDUCATION AREA , awarded by  the Provincial Council of Malaga on March 8, 2013. Link to the news .

- RECOGNITION AND CONGRATULATIONS OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF FUENGIROLA 2013 ,  granted in the plenary session held in March 2013 by the Fuengirola City Council, unanimously by  all political forces. Link to the news .

- 2014 MERIDIANA AWARD NOMINATION in Initiatives that promote the development of values  for equality between young people or companies.


- RECOGNITION OF EDUCATIONAL MERIT 2014 , granted by the territorial Delegation of  Education, Culture and Sports of Malaga on March 31, 2014, Junta de Andalucía. Link to the news .


- RECOGNITION OF THE IAM (Andalusian Institute of Women) IN THE CELEBRATION OF ITS 25  ANNIVERSARY, for his work in coeducation. Picasso Museum, Malaga, December 18, 2014. Link to the news .

- “YOUNG PEOPLE IN EQUALITY” PRIZE 2015 , awarded to the Educational Equality Project  for his co-educational work among adolescents and for the work carried out by the students of the same.  Fuengirola City Council, March 8, 2015. Link to the news .

- I DOCUMENTARY AWARD “They: women who have made history, but are not in the  history ” IN THE X EDITION OF THE INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILMS COMPETITION FOR THE  EQUALITY 2016 . Director, screenwriter and producer.  Link to the news .

- CODAPA 2016 AWARD (Confederation of Andalusian Mothers and Fathers Associations for the  Public Education) / in its XIV EDITION in the category of PERSON OR INSTITUTION by "the  commitment to teaching, to promote participation and contribute to a public education and  of quality. "Granada, November 2016. Link to the news .

- FIRST PRIZE OF THE X EDITION OF THE ROSA REGÁS AWARDS 2016 . Seville, March  2017. Link  to the news .

- RECOGNITION "GOOD EDUCATIONAL PRACTICES" , by the Department of  Education, Junta de Andalucía, for the work carried out through its "Educational Project of  Gender Equality through the Image ”, February 2018. Seville. Link to the news .


- MENTOR CENTER IN COEDUCATION RECOGNITION , to IES Eduardo Janeiro de  Fuengirola for the work carried out by the Gender Equality Project through the Image  in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia and coordinated and directed by Mercedes Sánchez Vico. Board of  Andalusia, March 2018.

- ANDALUCÍA DIVERSIDAD AWARD 2018 , in its III Edition. Awarded by the Federation  Andalusian of LGTBI Associations. It was delivered by the Equality Counselor of the Board of  Andalusia. Auditorium of the University of Malaga, June 2018.




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