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The Educators

LAS EDUCADORAS, a documentary directed by Mercedes Sánchez Vico.

"The educators" is the dream of Mercedes Sánchez Vico, head of the Department of Language and Literature of the IES  Eduardo Janeiro de Fuengirola and head of the Equality Plan. A dream in which she is accompanied by Jose Antonio García Serrano and in which she has been working for a year and a half.

Sixteen educators - and coeducators - put a face to the new documentary by Mercedes Sánchez Vico. A movie  that makes visible and recognizes the work of women in coeducation, whether from school, families or training workshops.

Captura de pantalla 2019-02-01 a las 21.

In total, there are 16 educators -and co-educators- who will see their work reflected in this audiovisual project, they are Pilar Triguero (physiotherapist), Tiscar Latorre (secondary school teacher), Gema Otero (expert in Equality), Paqui Méndez (journalist) , Trini Moreno (Internet businesswoman), Carmen Ruiz (music), Ana María Jiménez (teacher), Virginia Rodríguez (director of an IES), Juana María Pérez-Lara (Secondary teacher), Juana Godoy (counselor), Ana Hevilla ( equality expert), Ma Ángeles Romero (secondary school teacher), Rocío Carmona Horta (psychologist), Pilar Jurado (composer and soprano), Rosa del Mar Rodríguez (Coordinator of IAM in Malaga) and the film's own director, Mercedes Sánchez Vico (High school teacher).

On Friday, April 20, within the Malaga Film Festival, the  Director Mercedes Sánchez Vico, teacher at IES Eduardo Janeiro, presented her coeducational documentary at the Ateneo de la Capital  LAS EDUCADORAS, which highlights the work and educational projects of eight women to educate by and for equality.

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Gema Otero, Ana Hevilla, Paqui Méndez, Pilar Jurado, Virginia Rodríguez, Pilar Triguero, Rocío Carmona Horta and Carmen Ruiz  are the voices heard in this first installment of the documentary. The second will premiere next fall, with eight other great educators working to transform the world through coeducation and feminist pedagogy. Both have had  the special collaboration of the great actor Juan Diego, who gives voice to the verses  of the Andalusian poet Teresa Martín .

"The documentary makes visible the work and co-educational projects of women who fight for an education for and for equality, they are very innovative projects in which they are pioneers and are breaking down barriers," explains the director of the film. Conductors, sexologists, teachers and writers share the task of educating "to transform today's society, to seek a better world that is just and egalitarian, empowering women" , as Sánchez Vico comments.

This first part has been recorded at the Instituto Concha Méndez  from Torremolinos , chosen for bearing the name of one of the great poets of the Generation of 27, and at the Manuel Carra Conservatory .  The anthem against gender violence composed by the soprano and conductor Pilar Jurado for the Gender Equality Educational Project led by Mercedes Sánchez Vico was filmed in this last space.

Captura de pantalla 2019-02-03 a las 14.
Captura de pantalla 2019-02-03 a las 14.

The documentary premiered in Seville at the Andalusian Film Festival  "Stomping from the South".  It has already been a long journey since it was screened for the first time in February, being highly requested by public and private organizations. Soon he will visit the University of Malaga, specifically it can be seen in the Assembly Hall of the Faculty of Education, on May 16 at 12.00 in the morning.


Before that, it will go to Jaen, where it will be screened at an event organized by the Provincial Council of the capital, it will also be screened at various CEPs in various Andalusian provinces within co-educational days and, likewise, its presentation will be made to be viewed in many centers. educational. In summer it will begin its journey outside the borders of our autonomy, visiting, among others, the Universities of Alicante and Valencia.

Captura de pantalla 2019-02-03 a las 14.
Captura de pantalla 2019-02-03 a las 14.
Captura de pantalla 2019-02-03 a las 14.

1.Article that the  Fundación Audiovisual de Andalucía, AVA , has published on the cover of its digital magazine about the documentary LAS EDUCADORAS.

In it I have made visible all the EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN, the Educators, who participate in it, and all the extraordinary TEAM that accompanies me in this WONDERFUL ADVENTURE.

Thanks to Patricia García, for the love and care with which she has written it and for betting on this dream of mine, which is becoming more and more a reality.



Captura de pantalla 2019-02-01 a las 21.

The documentary film was shot  in the months of October and  November 2017 at the IES Concha Méndez in Torremolinos and at the IES Eduardo Janeiro in Fuengirola, it is an innovative, pedagogical audiovisual product  and critical, which invites reflection in order to raise awareness that only in a world in which all people can  enjoy the same rights, you can live in freedom.

Captura de pantalla 2019-02-01 a las 21.

2. Article from the Málagahoy newspaper  "Uncovered voices that speak of Equality"  of the journalist Cristina Fernández speaking about the documentary LAS EDUCADORAS.

Voices exposed that

they talk about equality


'The educators' is a documentary that shows the work that many women do quietly.



"Breaking the silence, showing the enormous work that many women are doing quietly,  like drop by drop that polishes the stone, make visible the arduous task that is still carried out in schools,  in homes and work environments in favor of equality and which is still quite unknown. With that  intention was born  Las educacadoras, a documentary that will finish shooting on November 27 under the  direction of Mercedes Sánchez Vico, professor, head of the Equality Plan and coordinator of the subject Gender Equality through Image, the only one taught in Andalusia. "

Captura de pantalla 2019-02-01 a las 21.

The documentary will have as its soundtrack the anthem against gender violence created by the soprano and  composer Pilar Jurado with the music of Carmen Ruiz, head of the Chamber Music department  of the Conservatory of La Coruña. As for the realization, it is by Rakesh Narwani, silver biznaga of the  Malaga Festival, and the photography of Sandra Lara. Javier Ruiz Latorre has made the design in 3D for  this work shot at the Concha Méndez de Torremolinos and Eduardo Janeiro de Fuengirola institutes. The  actor Juan Diego will be in charge of narrating the texts written by Teresa Martín.

Captura de pantalla 2019-02-01 a las 21.

3.  Malaga opinion article  "Gender violence grows in adolescents due to control and sense of possession"  of the  journalist Ignacio A. Castillo

"Gender violence

grows into teens

for control and sense

of possession "

Captura de pantalla 2019-02-01 a las 21.

Article:  Malaga's opinion

"Mercedes Sánchez works at the Eduardo Janeiro institute in Fuengirola and is about to conclude a documentary on coeducation, of which she is director, producer and screenwriter, with which she highlights the transformative work of women and the social conquests of feminism in recent years. years. Progress that, however, is not accompanied by an authentic social revolution. For this, education is key. "

Las educacadoras, a documentary directed and produced by Mercedes Sánchez Vico on the importance of coeducation to end the scourge of domestic violence. "State terrorism", as  qualify. This one-hour audiovisual project, which will be widely disseminated, is about  bring to light the transforming power of women, almost always invisible. 16 educators have participated and it has the collaboration of the soprano Pilar Jurado.

"The work they were doing was so important that I felt the need to make their enormous work visible.  Each  one in their role are  educators and deserved to be recognized in a society that makes them invisible  in many ways. That is why, with "Las educadores"  I decided to break the silence and talk about them  and of the magnificent coeducational projects that they carry out ", affirms the director.

Captura de pantalla 2019-02-01 a las 21.

Through this audiovisual work, Mercedes Sánchez Vico intends, from the prism and perspective of feminism of each of the women who make up the documentary:

Make visible the important role that these teachers, mothers and gender experts have in education.

Show the extraordinary work they do co-educating on an equal basis.

Make visible a work that is invisible to the majority of society, doing something that has never been done: showing it from within, from the educational system itself.

Listen to these women who have a lot to say about what it would be necessary to change, to transform, through teaching, this world into a better world, just and egalitarian.

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