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Gender Equality Project through the Image. Course 2021/22


  Self-created subject Educational Project on Gender Equality through Image  for 4th ESO.


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Regulations and legislation against gender violence


It is very important to know the protection measures that the corresponding  regulations legislate against violence against women.


State Regulations on Gender Violence


ORGANIC LAW 1/2004, of December 28, on Comprehensive Protection Measures against Gender Violence.


In our Organic Law 1/2004 on Comprehensive Protection Measures against Gender Violence, violence against women is defined as “violence that, as a manifestation of discrimination, the situation of inequality and the power relations of men over women, it is exercised on them by those who are or have been their spouses or by those who are or have been linked to them by similar emotional relationships, even without coexistence "



As the Law itself indicates in its beginning “Gender violence is not a problem that affects the private sphere. On the contrary, it manifests itself as the most brutal symbol of the inequality existing in our society. It is about violence that is directed against women for the very fact of being women, because they are considered, by their aggressors, lacking the minimum rights of freedom, respect and decision-making capacity ”.

The main purpose of this Law is to prevent, punish and eradicate this violence and provide assistance to its victims.


In its Article 2 it says how a set of measures will be articulated aimed at:


"Strengthen citizen awareness measures for prevention, providing the public powers with effective instruments in the educational, social, health, advertising and media fields."


In its Article 4 the Principles and values of the educational system are noted:


  • "The Spanish educational system will include among its purposes training in respect for fundamental rights and freedoms and equality between men
    and women, as well as in the exercise of tolerance and freedom within the democratic principles of coexistence. Likewise, the Spanish educational system will include, within its principles of quality, the elimination of obstacles that hinder full equality between men and women and training for the prevention of conflicts and for their peaceful resolution ”.


  • "Early Childhood Education will contribute to developing childhood learning in the peaceful resolution of conflicts."


In its Article 6 on the Promotion of equality it states that:


"In order to guarantee effective equality between men and women, the educational administrations will ensure that in all educational materials sexist or discriminatory stereotypes are eliminated and that they promote the equal value of men and women."

In its Article 7 relative to the initial and permanent training of teachers, it says that:


“The educational administrations will adopt the necessary measures so that in the initial and permanent training plans for teachers a specific training on equality is included, in order to ensure that they acquire the necessary knowledge and techniques that enable them to:

a) Education in respect for fundamental rights and freedoms and equality between men and women and in the exercise of tolerance and freedom within the democratic principles of coexistence.

b) Education in conflict prevention and peaceful resolution of them, in all areas of personal, family and social life.

c) Early detection of violence in the family environment, especially against women and children.

d) The promotion of attitudes aimed at the exercise of equal rights and obligations by women and men, both in the public and private spheres, and joint responsibility between them in the domestic sphere ”.

In its Article 8 regarding Participation in School Councils it states that:


“The necessary measures will be adopted to ensure that the School Councils promote the adoption of educational measures that promote real and effective equality between men and women. For the same purpose, the State School Council will ensure the representation of the Women's Institute and the organizations that defend the interests of women, with implantation throughout the national territory ”.

In its Article 9 regarding the performance of the educational inspection, it states that:


"The educational inspection services will ensure compliance and application of the principles and values set forth in this chapter in the educational system aimed at promoting real equality between women and men."

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