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Breaking glass ceilings.

GEMA OTERO GUTIÉRREZ  it is  Graduate in Geography and History  by the University of Seville,  Expert in Gender and Equal Opportunities between Women and Men  by the Pablo de Olavide University of Seville and  Master in  Social Economy Business Management  by the School of Social Economy.

She has worked as an Equality Expert and Co-educator developing creative and training projects, audiovisual content, lectures and designing didactic materials  for entities such as the Andalusian Institute of Women, the General Directorate for Women of the Community of Madrid, Andalusian Youth Institute, Provincial Council of Bizkaia, Seville City Council, University of the Balearic Islands, University of Seville, Associó per la coeducació de Valencia, CICUS, Faculty of Communication of Seville, University of Malaga, University of the Basque Country and Pablo de Olavide of Seville, Provincial Councils, Film Festival of  Málaga and Short Film Against Gender Violence of the Diputación de Jaén, AVA Foundation, Town Halls, unions, foundations, educational centers, teaching centers and private entities.

She is the creator of the educational and creative project  GOES EQUAL, PASS IT!  and director and scriptwriter of three shorts created in this project for the Seville Provincial Center of the Andalusian Institute for Women.

She is the author of the  Coeducational school agenda for kindergarten and primary teachers  2017-2018 and 2018-2019  for the Andalusian Institute for Women  and co-author of the didactic guides;  SuperLola, The Pleasure of Equality  and the didactic material  Municipal Policies for Gender Mainstreaming  for the Andalusian Institute for Women.

Creator of the coeducational stories "SuperLola" and "Lalo, el  the prince  pink"  and of  Mrs. Malilla ,  a professional and artistic project that aims to create educational, cultural and creative projects from a feminist perspective.

She is co-author of the women's collective book  WE ARE THE WORLD  edited by the Seville Provincial Council and  director of short documentaries such as MI PALABRA Y EL MUNDO  on the process of transformation, individual and collective, of women through her courses on writing with a feminist perspective.  She is one of the protagonists of the documentary  THE EDUCATORS  directed by Mercedes Sánchez Vico to make visible the work of women who Educate in Equality from different areas.

"Access to publication in the XII Women Short Stories Contest 2017"  for the story  " The Cup ". Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council. November 2017. " Lavender 2016 Recognition for Gender Equality "  granted by CC.OO of Andalusia for the creation of the La Señora Malilla project. On March 6, 2015, she was awarded by the Andalusian Institute for Women with the  " MERIDIANA AWARD " to the  best initiative in cultural production by SuperLola  and on March 8, 2014 with the  " Equality Award"  from the City Council of La Rinconada for their contribution  personal and professional to Gender Equality.  It belongs to the Andalusian Association of Women of Audiovisual Media, AAMMA, since 2014.

He has participated as a jury in the following competitions;  XIV Competition of  short films "Cortos por Caracoles 2016. Caracol de la Tierra Award"; Coeducational Short Story Contest Against Gender Violence “Pilar Jurado.  Breaking the glass ceiling ”2015,  2016 and 2017; AAMMA “Tell me another movie” contest for audiovisual micro-pieces within the Seville European Film Festival 2016 and I Contest for audiovisual productions “+ Equality - Violence” of the Seville City Council. 2016.

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